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All-in-One. Complete. No technical experience required.

Start a New Business Online, or Bring Your Current Business Online

Whether you​'re an existing business or only starting out​, take advantage of the wealth of opportunities the Internet can open up for you by opening your own online store, ​as many have ​done.

Don't ​get left behind and waste precious time while others make money​. Be a success story online!

Today, it isn't enough to just have a website. It's all about having a real, complete store online where people can reach you and buy from you.

Instastartups - the problem with websites
Instastartups - The Only Platform that Integrates Websites with SEO

InstaStartups will Create Your Startup for You, Quick & Easy!

We'll Take Care of All the Tech, Work & Support So You Don't Have To

It is an all-in-one service that provides an integrated eCommerce Website + SEO Subscription, enabling you to offload store development, expert SEO and digital marketing work to us.

Start one or a hundred websites. We'll deal with all the work involved.

That way, You can focus on what you do best-- your business.

Having a Website Isn't Enough (That's the Easy Part)

It will just sit there. You need a real, fully-functioning store that converts. You need to promote it, work on it, and get different things just right.

You need to deploy your marketing like a presidential campaign, composed of a relentless blitz so you can be in the right places and do the right things, orchestrated like a symphony.

Instastartups will do all the hard work for you and have experts handle everything, with the objective of bringing you targeted prospects beyond your current operation, and convert them into customers.

Instastartups - Sample Screens
Instastartups Custom Mobile Apps


More than just a mobile version of a website, having your own app extends your reach, amplifies your business, boosts your credibility and helps your customers in ways that would blow everyone out of the water. 

Whatever your business or niche, your app will do you wonders. No other company or platform provides all this in one easy subscription.

More than steroids for your operation, having an app is thermonuclear power now available for your business. You just have to try it.

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The Instastartups Suite: Complete, Professional eCommerce Store, Website & SEO

100% Hands Free!

Spend Your Time Where It Matters Most

Leave the Hard Work, Store Development, and SEO to Us

Get Relevant Leads, then Convert and Sell from Your Store

Instead of having to deal with many expensive and work-intensive tasks...

Instastartups - From Many Tasks to Just One

...Do just one thing instead: Let InstaStartups do it.  We'll do the rest.

Instastartups - From Many Tasks to Just One

Leave it to the experts. As a member, you won't be left with a forced do-it-yourself (DIY) website and mediocre business. We'll pair a basket of high-technology assets with real, human experts working on your site's SEO and digital marketing. We will do it all for you, and it's all part of your easy subscription.

Think of this as the Store Builder for Your Startup or Online Business


Subscribe Once, We Do the Rest.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Pro-Website

Your eCommerce Web Store Planning and Building

Complete SEO and digital marketing unleashed for your website and business online. We cover the fundamental and the advanced methods that include both automated tools as well as manual actions by our team of seasoned SEO experts. Organized as a full campaign and orchestrated like a symphony, these come together as a cohesive attack intended on one thing: bringing people to you.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Website Management, Maintenance and Support

Complete eCom Web Store Startup and Product Setup

Today's websites require many things: have a beautiful modern design, be user-friendly, load fast, be responsive, be mobile-friendly, adhere to best-practices, and a host of other things. One of the most important factors is to ensure it is optimized for conversion: It isn't enough that people find and reach your site, it must be set so users will also be primed to buy and take action.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - SEO and Digital Marketing

Full On-Page SEO Built-In, with Optional Services Available

You simply take over the store and run it! That's all there is to it. If you need additional help for any related optional services (which are totally optional), we'll be more than happy to help as well. Things like adding relevant optimized content (articles), having a professional support crew for maintenance to tune your site and keep it in top shape, plus other things.

The Only Full-Service eCommerce and Website Builder that Integrates Complete SEO & Marketing by Human Experts

Our seasoned experts will be like your own web team, all working together to get your website in top shape and letting prospects find you.

What Will You Get with Membership? A Boss Store + Site with Premium SEO! 

And not just the usual On-Page SEO, but the full treatment. Instead of a multitude of expensive providers, everything is included in a single, easy subscription.

  • Simplicity : Everything via an easy subscription
  • Value : Providing an enormous value and additinoal services that would have cost tens of times more if done through regular channels
  • All-in-One : Everything is bundled together into an incredibly affordable, easy and friendly package

Simple, All-in-One Bundle : A Complete Pro Website. Complete Pro SEO

Instastartups is the only platform that integrates advanced SEO with the creation of websites that convert. Seasoned experts do all the hard work.

eCommerce Web Store : Your Business Online

  • 1 Authority Website or eCommerce Store
  • Focused on SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Premium Theme & Design
  • Highly Customizable - Using the Finest Premium WordPress Themes
  • Planning and Architecture - Proper Silo Structure
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Conversion Rate Optimizaton (CRO) - A/B Split Testing, Maximizing your site for letting users convert and take action
  • Main Objective : Driving Revenue and Sales

SEO + Digital Marketing

  • Full SEO Campaign - Complete (Click here for more): LocalSEO, Standard / OrganicSEO, AffiliateSEO. As your website requires
  • Comprehensive On-Page SEO
  • Enhanced Off-Page SEO - Ninja-level factors done off your website to make it rank higher
  • Digital Marketing
  • Citations (Local and National)
  • BacklinksLinkbuilding and Inbound Marketing Campaign
  • Outreach Campaign

Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure

  • Blazing Fast Cloud Servers
  • Robust, Powerful Cloud Infrastructure - Top-tier providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean
  • Load Speed Optimization

Social Media Power

  • Social Profiles, Foundations, Fortress - Trust + Authority Stacking
  • Accounts & Profile Creation - We'll set up your social media profiles and accounts for you! Then we'll set-up your logo and company info, images, descriptions and other painstaking work
  • Social Media Shares, Signals and Marketing

Awesome Support & Maintenance

  • Dedicated, Professional Support & Maintenance
  • Unlimited Fixes, "Small Jobs" and Help for WordPress

Your Option: Advertising Management

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - PPC / AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook Marketing, Twitter, YouTube

Content Domination

  • Advanced Niche, Keyword and Topic Research
  • Top-Notch Content Development / Writing - Native English Writers
  • Content Marketing and Promotion - The secret one-two punch of SEO: (a) Write great content; then (b) Promote that content

Awesome Services and Benefits

  • Reputation Management - Shaping and influencing the public's perception of you online
  • Funnels (Sales, Email, etc.) - Converting users from visitors to prospects to leads to customers. Then to repeat customers.
  • Newsletters / Mailing Lists - Setup, integration, user retention
  • Graphics - Logos, Social Media (e.g. Facebook Cover Photos, etc.)

eCommerce Store or Marketplace

  • eCommerce Store or Full Blown Marketplace
  • Bring Your Retail Store Online or Build a New eCom Business
  • Planning, Architecture
  • Premium Theme Design, Customization, Graphics
  • Seamless integration to Website and Branding
  • Fully Managed Hosting on Top-Tier Cloud infrastructure
  • Maintenance and Support

Your Own Mobile App

  • Your Very Own App, Your Very Own Brand
  • Multi-Platform - iOS and Android
  • Any and All Purposes - Apps for business, professionals, private practice, products, services, communities, websites, stores, etc. 
  • Rich Applications - News, blogs, conferences, sports, health & wellness, rich media like music & video, loyalty programs, and more
  • Publish to App Stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) - Processing and application fees are included and on us.

How It Works

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Signup, Creative Brief, Branding

1) Signup. Creative Brief. Branding & Design

Once you subscribe, you simply fill out a form stating all you want, or alternatively, email or speak with an account specialist so we can develop a creative brief (like a roadmap) for your website and branding.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Build Your Website

2) Build : Developing Your Web Store

Based on your goals (in step #1), we will proceed to develop your website and branding. Not just its look and feel, but the overall approach, architecture, (silo) structure, sales funnels (if any), and all conversion optimization tasks.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - SEO and Digital Marketing

3) SEO / Digital Marketing

Even before your website is up, we will develop the digital marketing plan and begin seeding it early on. We cover all pertinent aspects of your SEO, social media, outreach and other marketing processes. And we won't stop.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Website Mangement, Maintenance and Support

Website Management, Maintenance & Support

Once your store is up and the SEO and marketing process advances, it doesn't stop there. We continue and never stop building on the SEO process, provide support and maintenance for you and your website, to win and keep winning.

After that, you have access to all the services you need to get your website winning, getting it ranked in search engines, showing up in various places like social media, and all the right stuff. You have access to other critical services as well, such as help with your site's content, unlimited fixes for WordPress, and many others. It's a complete website and online business team. And it's as easy as joining and becoming a member.

Instastartups is for You!

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Businesses


Whatever your business, whether it's in services, retail, a store or shop, restaurants, manufacturing, trading, you name it. We won't just put you online but arm you with the core weapon of SEO.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Professionals


Professionals are more prominent online than ever. Between standard and local SEO, gaining patients / clients has never been more powerful. Beyond referrals, we'll make them find you online.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - eCommerce Stores

eCommerce Stores

Instead of requiring a separate team to handle the many technical and functional aspects of an ecommerce operation, sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting. As a member, our experts are yours.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Website Owners

Website Owners

No matter what type of website or business you do online, we can help. We make regular websites great, and great websites better. We'll work on your website and SEO. You work on your business.

A Unique Membership. Features Like No Other.

Optimize your website for search engines (SEO), social media, and all other forms of digital marketing with an easy, simple monthly subscription.

Instastartups combines a powerhouse array of choices, services and benefits that come standard with your membership. Stuff that used to cost  tens of times more from other providers, we combine into a full campaign with a singular objective: build you a pro store, drive users to your store, convert them into customers.

eCommerce Web Store

Put Your Store Online, or Start a New Business

$495 / one-time

  • Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Logo Design and Set to Various Sizes
  • Social Foundations : Social Media and Web 2.0 Accounts Creation and Profile Setup (Hand Registered : 5 key platforms)
  • Setup of Your Payment Processing
  • We'll Help You Place Your First 10 Products Online
  • Store Category Setup
  • Automation with Key Apps & Plugins
  • Pages Setup (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, etc.)
  • Domain Setup, Configuration
  • SSL / Security Certificate Setup
  • Design Customization

Perfect for retail stores, stores, bazaars, events, local service providers (contractors, plumbers, roofers, cleaners, etc.), professionals and private practices (doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, accountants, etc.) and any organization with a local presence.

eCommerce SEO

Advanced, Complete SEO for Your Store

$995 / month

  • Premium SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Organic (General) SEO or Affiliate SEO
  • Social Foundations : Web 2.0 Accounts Creation (Hand Registered : 20 to 25 platforms)
  • Social Fortress : Social Media Accounts Creation (Hand Registered : 20 to 25 platforms)
  • SMM : Social Media Marketing, Social Signals, Social Shares
  • SEO : Domain Authority and Social Stacking - Pillow and Tiered Links
  • SEO : Citations (National and Local)
  • SEO : Outreach / Linkbuilding Campaign
  • Video SEO and Embeds
  • PR and Other Marketing
  • CRO : Conversion Rate Optimization
  • WordPress Support - Unlimited Small Jobs, Updates and Fixes

Perfect for commercial websites and location-independent operations like blog/magazine publishers, eCommerce stores, niche/topical sites, bands, national brands, and all others.

Complete Store + Std. Website

For Content / Magazine / Corporate Websites

$1495 / one-time

  • Complete Website that Converts
  • Silo Structure
  • Hand-crafted from Scratch or Using Visual Builders for Easy Owner Access (ThriveThemes, Divi, Genesis, Upfront, TJ, etc.)
  • Pro Graphics (Pro​ Logo, Identity)
  • Planning, Architecture & Audit
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Complete eCommerce Store
  • eCommerce Store Setup
  • Everything in "Web Store" Package Above
  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Administration Support - Unlimited Small Jobs, Updates and Fixes
  • Content: Advanced Keyword &Topical Research Based on Buyer Intent
  • Content Development: 10 High-Quality, Unique & Relevant Articles
  • Content: Base / Standard Pages (About, Contact, Legal / Privacy Policy / TOS)
  • Content: Pro Layout & Publishing

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Members Speak

Patrick Hassabis

Website Owner

Like most website publishers, I was blissfully unwilling to take the extra step beyond setting up my website. It operated the way the sites of my friends performed.

It was only through Instastartups that I realized how useless and how few visitors my site's previous version had, especially the relevance and targeting of those visitors. It was also this way that I could fully appreciate how much more traffic I got after they ranked my site in Google. I expect new clients we acquired online will equal or surpass our other (offline) sources this year.

I speak for most website owners when I say Instastartups takes all the complex string of steps in doing proper SEO seem easy because I don’t have to do any of it. Their experts do the work. They have many years of experience, and do this kind of thing all day, every day, while keeping up with trends.

This frees me from having to worry or take time out from my work for such matters, and leave it to the experts. Consequently, it frees me to devote my time to my own business and growing it, earning more in addition, than the relatively small monthly subscription I cover for membership.

Bernard LindquistSmall Business Owner
Diane Ginsberg

(Image and name changed for privacy)

Business Executive

I never knew SEO had any relation to fixing my damaged reputation online after I fell victim to libelous former partners who initiated a smear campaign online to destroy my name.

But upon the egging of a friend and joining Instastartups, I availed of the ORM (Online Reputation Management) module and they not only cleaned my online profile using various techniques, but knocked even the stubborn sites who refused to cooperate out of the first page of Google, and in their place, replaced the formerly bad pages with glowing and real profiles of yours truly.

What’s even more impressive is that they don’t stop there, and keep adding good pages for me, nonstop, and continue to drive old offending pages out some more and onto obscurity.

Samples of Themes and Designs

Before we deploy SEO, we build different kinds of sites based on customized premium themes while utilizing best practices at all times.

Sample Theme Design - Company

Example : Company

Sample Theme Design - eCommerce Store

Example : eCommerce Store

Sample Theme Design - Firm

Example : Firm / Professional

Sample Theme Design - Blog

Example : Blog

All-in-One, Complete Website with SEO Built-in

Instastartups is a hybrid platform that combines the latest technology with manual work done by seasoned experts to enable members' websites with advanced optimization and digital marketing in a simple, easy subscription.


Making the complex series of having a professional-grade website and SEO into something as easy as flipping a switch. Instastartups aims to eliminate all the work, expertise and time involved in having and promoting a site and turn it into one easy step of subscribing. This way subscribers are freed to focus their energies on what they do best-- their business.


Many providers give you easy ways to set-up a website. But then you're left alone in this self-service setup, after which you're left alone again to figure out what to do, then see you're not getting any traffic to your site. Our goal is to free you of the work and technical details, so you can focus on your tasks while we build and amplify your website and business online.

  • All-in-One : Complete Website + SEO and Digital Marketing Built-in
  • Mobile Apps : Your own website or company app
  • Easy Simplicity : Subscribe. We do the rest
  • Freedom : We do the hard work so you can focus on your business
  • Professional : Seasoned experts in code, design and digital marketing
  • Peace of Mind : The best methods and tools by masters of the trade
  • Affordable : Powerful, multiple, high-level pro work for one simple monthly subscription that is a fraction of normal costs.
  • Time : No need to spend many months to develop. We'll do it for you
  • Leverage : An entire team and company as your website + SEO team
  • Agencies : Wholesale setups to scale without hiring more employees

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