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What do you do when you already have the perfect combination of a pro website and SEO subscription offer?
You make it even better.
No matter what your business, now you can have an app.
Instastartups We Will Build Your Own Commercial Mobile App

The Perfect Website + SEO Combo Just Got Better : Now with Apps!

Bring the power of mobile apps to bear on your business! We'll build and do all the work.

Your Own App

Your Own Branding

Your own native mobile app to extend your brand and provide more benefits to your customers.

Professional Development

Custom Design

Complete, professionally designed and cohesive. Multi-Platform, too.

Powerful Library of App Types

Best-in-Class, the Best Sources

Only top-notch assets from the finest sources, with seasoned experts working on your app

Instastartups Mobile Apps - The Perfect Website + SEO Combo Just Got Better

We'll Build You a Full, Complete App

More than just a mobile version of a website, having your own app extends your reach, amplifies your business, and helps your customers in ways that would blow everyone out of the water.

  • Your own native mobile app for multiple use-cases
  • To extend your website, or as a full standalone business
  • Developed by pros. Included in your subscription

While our unprecedented website + SEO bundle is enough to bring you traffic and conversions, having your own app is steroids for your business online (without the side-effects).

App Examples

You can take advantage of the benefits your app can bring you no matter what type of business, practice, industry or field you belong.

There are multiple functions and modules you can avail of, and there is no limit to the benefits an app can bring you and your business. 

Instastartups Apps - Business : Corporate


Your company's digital brochure on steroids, and a lot more.

Provide company information, product and service details, branch locators, instructional videos, events calendar and details, customer service or sales quote requests, you name it. All in an interactive, convenient display. 

Specifically, here are a few:

Instastartups Apps - Small Business

Small Business

Engage with customers and prospects with an app that provides easy information and connectivity to your store or business. Provide guided directions to your store or branches, showcase product details, videos, bios of team members, customer service, events calendars, coupons, promotions, articles, news, tutorial videos, and more.

Instastartups Apps - Corporate : Enterprise

Corporate : Enterprise

Provide rich media and information about your products, services, facilities, team, partners and branches. Use the app for the sales team, for off-site support staff, to help organize events and a special sales calendar, push notifications and announcements to customers, connect with partners, for coordination and scheduling, direct call buttons, video libraries, contact sheets, general guides, product instructions, route planners, and more.

Instastartups Apps - Corporate : Internal

Corporate : Internal Use

Mobilize your workflow along with your work force. Use a native app for internal company functions, communicate with team members, support employees or provide support to customers, a company directory with maps, management team bios, announcement billboards, internal communication, documents, project notifications, staff support and help.

Instastartups Apps - Startups


Hit the ground running and amplify your startup with its own mobile app.

Your app can be used to support your business, to be a highlight of your operation, or even be the main attraction and the app as your main business itself. No matter what business you're in, every startup now needs its own app.​

Things are especially delicate and pressure is especially high when you are a startup, and having your own app helps establish your company and help influence prospects and customers at this all-important stage.​

No matter what type of industry, specialty, location, business, service or product you sell, having your own app to augment your business will secure brand recognition, user loyalty, and simply provide greater value to customers.

Instastartups Apps - Events


Events and conferences! An indispensable tool for event and festival organizers as well as attendees. Whatever your event, ad-hoc marketplace, concerts, festivals or anything else, your app provides a depth to your event and an added dimension of unforgettable experience and use to participants.

Users can get important details of the event before opening day, and have even more use for the app during the event. Things like event maps, scheduled push messages and notifications, event/stall locators, map of facilities, calendar of events, list of shops, kiosks or stalls; list of parties and celebrations, speaker bios or artist/musician backgrounds, interactive satellite navigation, and many more.

There is even a unique networking functionality: Using a LinkedIn account, users can have a quick view of who else is attending and even make contact within the app.

The features don't stop there. Imagine. A listing of exhibitors. An interactive map of the venue so people can find their way to specific exhibits. A messaging and meet-up function so that visitors can arrange meetings with others who are also from out of town. A scanning function so that each visitor can electronically capture each exhibitor's information.​ It's an events super-app.

Instastartups Apps - News and Articles

Publishers / News / Magazines

It's modern digital publishing for magazines and brands.

Faster than a speeding website, more integrated to a pleasurable consumption experience than accessing through a website, native apps provide convenient, unique consumption experiences for users to interact with your media, with options to include features and items you may not include in your website, or simply provide your content pre-loaded for faster and better access and consumption.

Provide your readers with a better experience and have your news, articles and different kinds of rich content like audio and video conveniently available from  your own brand's app.

Display them in a simple, intuitive and fast interface, and get them enjoying your content while you dial into their loyalty as well as generate a whole new channel to generate revenue.

Monetize your content with your app as a separate channel for ads and sponsorships, just to name a couple in a long list of possibilities.

Instastartups Apps - Blogs and Podcasts

Blogs / Podcasts

What better way to extend the power of your blog and website than to let your audience carry you with their mobile device wherever they want?

Your own app enables you to provide your content-- in all its rich formats (text, images, video, audio)-- from within your app.

What's more, you can push new articles through the notifications system, and provide various sections dedicated to media, including sections you may wish to provide available only to app users.

Your app can serve as a new channel to enforce your brand and reach existing users, as a device to capture new users, and even make it a new source of revenue such as app-centric advertising.

Podcasters, rejoice! You can list and play your podcasts and your app will have easy listings as well as any purchase transactions you set.

Instastartups Apps - Store


A simple, app-centric store intended to either be a simpler, app-extended version of your main store, or a wholly independent product or service-order shop where users can order, reserve, schedule an appointment, or buy from via Paypal or COD.

Your own "store-within-an-app" is independent, lightweight (doesn't burden your phone) and maximal extension of your main website store.

Instastartups Apps - Restaurant


Stay in touch with your patrons, entice them to visit and keep them returning with your own food-and-beverage app. Proudly display mouth-watering images as well as video of your menu, specialty, specials of the day or week!

That's just the beginning. You can also provide live menu updates, themed events, workshops, official and user-generated media like photos and videos, scheduled events like tastings, customer privilege cards on their smartphone (via the app), easy social media integration, push messages for special offers and themed events, information and announcements.​

You can enable patrons to make reservations through your app, schedule events or request special treats upon arrival.

What's more, you can let loyal customers earn points and credits, that they can redeem for discounts, special prizes, or any other gift (real or virtual) that you decide.

Instastartups Apps - Bars and Clubs

Bars / Clubs

Leverage the app to amplify your business beyond just information and provide fun, interactive features to amplify your bar, club or disco.

Provide fans with schedules of events, party themes, DJ bios, photos and videos not just of your food and drinks, but also of events, parties and the partygoers!

Your app will be their source of detailed information about your bar or club, and they can get news, announcements, artists info, performance schedules in a snap, anytime.​

Give loyal regulars with their own digital customer cards that gives them special privileges as well as credits you set and dictate, that they can redeem, exchange or convert depending on whatever you choose to set.

Instastartups Apps - Wellness

Wellness / Fitness

Hold your users' attention and increase your revenue per customer! Complete your guests' experience with your wellness, gym or fitness center's app. Let them keep you on their minds and even increase your revenue by ensuring more frequent and intense contact, building loyalty and encouraging viral connectivity.

Provide info on special events, reminders, news and articles, exercise guides, calorie guides, loyalty points, display opening / closing times, integrate social media like Facebook and Twitter, announcements on special (or quiet) days.

Your company-branded customer e-cards in your app allows clients and guests to obtain rewards and accumulate points, entice them to visit, incentivize them to visit more often, get notifications of special promos, get exclusive offers, and more.

They ensure stronger ties with customers, more contact with members and incentives to make guests return and be converted into members.

Instastartups Apps - Healthcare


Take advantage of the booming healthcare industry. Your app serves the health industry's insatiable demand for more information and communication. Present your company or topical information conveniently, streamline communication to your company via the app.

If you're a doctor, dentist or medical professional, you can schedule easy appointments from within your app, or simply reduce the pressure and work load of your staff and receiving counter and in admin offices.

Patients can be sent push notifications of their appointments or changes. You can obtain extended patient information through your app, or have patients add more information prior to a consultation.

You can provide an FAQ section for patients or clients and have them read answers to common questions beforehand, view detailed instructions, see instructional videos, listen to discussions, slide presentations, and many more.

You can even have your app specialize or have a function for medical conferences. Best of all, your apps can also work offline.

Instastartups Apps - Travel and Tourism

Travel / Tourism

While showcasing amazing pictures of your tourism company and the locations you serve would have made an app great, there are even more incredible features your app can serve.

Provide your users information about the area around the locations you serve. Show videos alongside pictures, show a calendar of events (your company's or in a given location you serve), map locators for your own selected locations or highlights for a place, interactive navigation to landmarks you preselect or that your users find on their own, and many more.

Enable your app users to plan their trip, provide route information, activity plans, store guides, opening / closing hours, and other elements to give them a memorable trip.

There are map locators you set for just about anything your users may enjoy, such as the nearest ATMs, theaters, museums, gyms, holiday and event schedules, parking lots. You can provide your service locations' news and articles, even push notifications of traffic jams in key locatIons or events.

You can showcase amazing places, provide details of such places, background information, and any specials in the place. It's your choice and it's a lot of fun.

Instastartups Apps - Sports


A sports app for your sports business, store, agency, association or club.

Show schedules, information and details, results, scores, news and many other rich content.

Whether you want an app about your favorite national team, or want one for your local team, your app can show a wide variety of items in full interactive selections. This includes showing news about your team, articles about your locality, map route planners to your facility, sports and team member details, and awesome features for showcasing photos and videos.

There is tight social media integration, and you can provide your content easily and even use push notifications, and let your users view results live on their smartphones.

All in your company, club or association's own branding with a custom-made, high-end design we develop for you.

Instastartups Apps - Music


For artists, enhance your exposure and reach with your app. Sell your music and tickets from within the app, integrate your website, events, music samples, and social networks easily.

Sell your music through the iTunes and Beatport store, connect to fans via Facebook and Twitter, showcase music videos, concerts and events on YouTube or Vimeo, stream through Spotify, distribute your songs via Soundcloud.

Connect to fans like never before using your own incredible app platform.

Instastartups Apps - Video


Whether you want a video-centric app or are a video production company, an app allows you to showcase videos in a powerful, personal and convenient, always-available way.

Showcase your masterpieces, coordinate with team members, connect with clients, let clients see more information about your organization, get quotes, push notification of new videos uploaded, and a whole lot more.

If you're in any way into video, having your own branded app enables clients, users and partners to reach you beyond your website and in the comfort of a truly rich mobile platform regardless of their location.

Instastartups Apps - Guides


Provide informational, instructional or just downright fun content to users of your app.

For example, publishers can showcase the latest news from their website or exclusive and related news not available elsewhere.

You can provide instructions for doing something, for creating things or to do fun activities. Schools can show events and happenings in their campus.

Dealers can show reports about unit availability as well as specs of various units. Hobbyist website owners can show detailed videos about certain hobbies.

The possibilities are endless.

Instastartups Apps - Real Estate

Real Estate

List and showcase properties for prospects, support your agents and do a whole lot more.

Showcase properties in rich formats like video and animation, provide contact information, a guided tour of units, instructional resources, including maps and guided navigational and satellite directions to properties in your listing.

And that's just for prospects and clients. It can also be used for employee, staff or agents' activities and toolset, such as scheduling, push announcements, coordination with team members and partners (such as a unit's interior designer or plumber), and many more.

If your company does business in real-estate, having your own app will augment your sales or internal processes in a way unlike other methods before.

Instastartups Apps - Nonprofit


The non-profit sector is awash in uses for apps. Enable users to get more information about your organization.

Provide rich media to entice users, direct call or email functions from the app, push messages and news to users, in-depth on-demand info on team members, of officers, of initiatives.

You can provide detailed information on branches, donors and other material, as well as a photo gallery of nonprofit centers, instructional information and videos, videos of initiatives and activities.

Use your app in service of users, for your non-profit work, or as a powerful tool for information and solicitation, especially for donors and stakeholders.

Instastartups Apps - Your Own App Business

Your Own App Business

Have an app idea? Got plenty? Want to have your own app empire? Now you can! All without months and years of work, without needing millions of dollars to develop, at a fraction of the time and manpower required.

With multiple functions and popular capabilities available to you, you can start your own business or extend your product, company or website with an app of your own. But if you want to make a business out of the app itself, this is all you need, and as a subscriber, we'll do all the work for you.

Because they are native apps, they run faster, better and with a user experience unmatched anywhere else, with the convenience and power that mobile use provides.

So get your app going, and get your business going. We're your own app development team, and all it takes is to subscribe.


Grab your share of the tech-enabling power that a mobile app can bring you and your business, and subscribe to Instastartups. You get all the benefits, and we'll do the work.


We build your app through the expert minds and hands of our resident pros, as well as libraries, assets and tools that were not spared any expense from internal processes as well as external sources, open-source or otherwise.

We do all the work for you, and below is a list of some of the key components, functions and services you can add and request for your app.

Instastartups Apps

Components for your apps  you can request:

  • Call : Lets users make instantaneous calls with one button, such as for making reservations, reaching a support desk rep, or to speak with an agent
  • Map Locators : Show waypoints or points of interest through a map with markers you designate for a variety of uses, such as to show a company's branches, services areas, dealers, recreational facilities, and many others. Users can select the markers and get details and more information as well as have the system calculate the directions to the location. Provide users a map, locator and the route and directions to your address via their smartphone's map application
  • Events : Shows a list of events, with descriptions and dates, displaying upcoming as well as past events
  • FAQ : Convenient listing of questions and answers for your company, product, service, or any topic of your choosing
  • Information : Enables you to enter any static content such as for your company profile, personal biography, listing of business hours, services offered, etc.
  • People : List and information of people, descriptions, photos and details. Great for company officers, profiles of team members, band members, project members and the like
  • Photos : Photo album and listing for your app, via direct inclusion or via an online photo sharing service. List your products, facilities, office locations, events, and all others
  • Products : A catalog of products, list of services, and other applications you can list. Once clicked, detailed information about the item is displayed. You can include Buy buttons for checkout via Paypal or COD
  • PDF : Conveniently display PDF Documents
  • Content Feeds / RSS : Enables your app to display articles, news, blog posts and content where listings can be clicked to show more details that can be expanded to the full article via a mobile browser
  • Social Media Connections : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Lets users display Facebook pages and tweets from a Twitter account you choose, in the design of your app. Showing tweets from your users in the app for example, can allow them to react or retweet them directly in your app


  • Checkout : Checkout process for your app using Paypal or COD so you can sell products and services
  • Contact Form : Enable your app users to call, email or message you such as for feedback, requesting an appointment, support and other applications
  • Hours : Opening/closing times of store, event or company
  • Lock : Private content available to users with passcode or QR-code
  • Video : Display videos of your choosing, such as video tutorials, news, walkthroughs, events of the company, features, and many other possibilities. Auto-updating video lists can be conveniently taken via any YouTube or Vimeo account
  • Music : Play music directly in the app. Feature your music, or pull from various supported sources like SoundCloud or media feed), including podcasts.
  • Radio : Opens a music player linked to an Internet radio station
  • Discography : Display albums and tracks, provide previews, and buy directly from iTunes store.
  • Loyalty Points : Award credits to loyal customers and offer them special redeemable rewards based on their accumulated points, such as discounts, specials and deals.
  • Beverages : Drink Menu, with mix information and details
  • Menu : Shows a list of menu items for your restaurant, bar, club, disco or outlet
  • Forms : Enable your app users to send data-- such as text input, images, etc.-- to you for app processing or other purposes
  • QR Scanner : Let users scan your QR Codes from inside the app, then the appropriate action will be taken from your setting, such as going to a website, making a call, etc.
  • Reviews : Shows reviews about your company from Foursquare, Google Reviews or Urbanspoon
  • Weather : Show the current weather for a specified location
  • URL Browser : List online addresses for users that when clicked opens a new screen that loads the website, reservation page, and other purposes
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The Possibilities are Endless

Multiple Benefits, Invaluable Features, Infinite Possibilities 

There are endless uses and possibilities awaiting you & your app. Here's a few:

  • Be Visible to Customers at All Times
  • Create a Separate, Direct Marketing and Sales Channel
  • Provide Greater Value to Your Customers
  • Build Your Brand and Recognition
  • Improve Customer Reach, Interaction and Engagement
  • Provide Support to Customers
  • Provide Support and Tools to Staff
  • Stand Out from Your Competition (And the Crowd!)
  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty
  • Provide Convenience and Mobility
  • Magnifies Interest in Your Company, Store or Product
  • Establish Credibility
  • Provide deeper connection with distributors and partners
  • Provide tools to encourage and guide customers to your business 
Why Would You Want an App?

Imagine yourself in a similar situation as many businesses:

  • Augment Your Business : "I have an events company and would really like to have an app for my upcoming event (or each of my events). Building it from scratch costs tens of thousands. What can I do?"
  • Increase Distribution / Channels : "I run a blog and would like to let my readers access my stories and posts natively on their mobile device. Where do I start?"
  • Emulate the Giants : "I want to create an app like <insert-your-favorite-website's-app-here> (for example, HuffingtonPost / CNN / DrudgeReport / 9GAG / BusinessInsider / Forbes / etc.), on both iOS and Android. I know this can be complex, but I need this app fast. I can't spend $25k - $100k. What's the best way to do this?"

The details may be different in your situation, but you get the idea.

Either way, you should subscribe. And get the answer, and all the solutions. Complete, done by experts, hands free.

Key Takeaway

Instastartups secures all the necessary steps and pools all resources to build (or update) your website, then takes the huge undertaking that goes into SEO and digital marketing and provides it to you in a really simple subscription.

That is a clear, unbeatable offer. Sit back and relax as the pros do all the tedious and expert work for you.

But it just got better, because now mobile apps are part of your subscription.

Take advantage of this incredible bundle. Make one easy subscription and we'll do the rest. Our pros will be like your own web and SEO / digital marketing team. And now your complete app development team as well.

Instastartups Apps

Instastartups Mobile Apps

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