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case study - small business - store

Case Study : Small Business and eCommerce

Website + SEO for a Physical Store and eCommerce Liam Ng is not a techie and didn’t know where to start. He got a website made by a local web designer that he thought he was happy about, that never really received much of any traffic or users, but that he accepted was normal because […]

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case study - cosmetic surgeon

Case Study : SEO for a Cosmetic Surgeon

Website + SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons Ron Mignaulte, MD (note: surname changed for privacy and spam-protection), is a board certified plastic surgeon for a group practice, and in this business, every single lead counts because they can each turn into multi-thousand-dollar patients. His group practice used to get most of their patients the traditional way, from referrals […]

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case study - reputation management

Case Study : Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Cleaning a Bad Rap with Rep Management Diane Ginsberg (first name changed to protect member) joined Instastartups not so much to promote a website but to repair the damage of being the victim of a vicious online smear campaign and identity attack. She knew about how some experts in the public relations field and those […]

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case study - small business - service

Case Study : Small Business and Local SEO

Website + SEO for a Service-Based Small Business Ben Ahlstrom and his wife Kim started as a wedding photography studio, with a nice standard website they set up from one of the popular managed website builders and hosts. It worked well over the years, “or so I thought, when I accepted how little to no traffic to […]

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Instastartups - We provide websites with SEO an digital marketing combined.

Welcome to Instastartups

Instastartups is All About Freeing You to Focus on What Matters Most: Your Business Instastartups aims to take the dozens of crucial activities involved in setting up and making a website successful, and bundle it into one simple package, done by experts, that members can easily subscribe to in a single, easy step. Web design […]

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