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Case Study : SEO for a Cosmetic Surgeon

Website + SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

Ron Mignaulte, MD (note: surname changed for privacy and spam-protection), is a board certified plastic surgeon for a group practice, and in this business, every single lead counts because they can each turn into multi-thousand-dollar patients. His group practice used to get most of their patients the traditional way, from referrals and other regular sources. But he knew that plenty of people were seeking some form of cosmetic reconstruction online, people whom the practice may never have otherwise reached.

cosmetic surgery SEORon knew he needed a website and online presence, but didn’t have the time nor inclination to get so involved in setting one up or working too long with searching for and sifting through web designers and other details. What’s more, many of his colleagues who had websites didn’t really get much traction with them, and like many others, thought of their websites as requirements for being in business (like signage and an office) and more for informational purposes and not much else.

One day in early 2016 he found Instastartups upon a friend’s recommendation, particularly because his specific requirement was one of laziness: he jokingly noted he was lazy and didn’t want to have much to do because he wanted to focus on his practice. He wanted the best website provider that also drove traffic, and to get an experience that provided said website in the easiest, simplest way possible. Quite the tall order.

Instastartups got to work and went beyond just web design and many different forms of SEO in an orchestrated, cohesive way. For example, it did research and sourcing of high-quality articles, to creating his social media presence with platforms far beyond what his social media savvy friends did. It also performed outreach that included his own colleagues’ websites and developing infographics. “I barely lifted a finger beyond just guiding them,” Dr. Mignaulte said. And everything just fell into place.

With Instastartups, not only would Ron get the chance to get a professional website– one that was at par and then exceeded even the best of his colleagues’– but it would also actually have something that they didn’t: true SEO and digital marketing built in. He noted this is distinct from those supposed providers who offer this when in fact they were just like little cleanup services that called your attention to missing tags and pages.

In fact, cost was not a factor (he could afford it) since his primary concern was a quality site and a way to drive traffic to it. Yet to his pleasant surprise, though he got all of what he required from Instastartups, it cost “only $500 per month” ($495 / mo. actually). What’s more, it included everything– as in everything– he ever needed, that no one else provided in an “all-in-one” package.

He likened it to a point in the company’s website that it is like an AmazonPrime™ (description) for websites and SEO– where one simple membership plan gave you a torrent of different services, ALL of which are actually important and related, and served to augment and enforce its main goal if getting its members’ website properties in its best form and driving visitors in.

This worked powerfully in many levels because Instastartups would them all work together. Three of its clearest examples are: (a) how they would make his site rank, and rank high in search engines; (b) how this would in effect bring in targeted, relevant traffic; and with with buyer intent no less; and (c) how they would arrive in a website that not only provided information, but was optimized to convince and convert them into signing up.
cosmetic surgery SEOThis was not just an idle online presence like Ron’s colleagues’ websites, but was one built with digital marketing to capture prospects online, prospects who reach him through an online channel different from his usual sources of patients and patrons, that may not have heard or reached him otherwise.

In other words, his website was a more than a brochure, but an active, dynamic and direct lead generating machines that captured traffic and was efficient as it was effective in converting them into paying patrons.

Ron said, “Searches for my area were relatively low in volume, but that didn’t matter because it was the intent of the searcher (how many people are casually searching for botox treatments in Cerritos just for the fun of it, for example?) and the relevance that mattered, because people who searched for them were very likely prospects for an appointment.”

He added, “The ultimate goal is results, and Instastartups delivered, hitting the ball out of the park.”


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