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SEO and Digital Marketing Features

We simplify and streamline all the hard work that goes into having a great website and all the huge elements that go into SEO and digital marketing so that our members don't have to.

Instead of a million and one things to do-- and that need to be done by experts that constantly keep up with the latest trends-- members can have Instastartups take care of it, like their own internal web development and digital marketing department and team.

We use high-technology and automated tools, combined with manual work by seasoned experts with many years of experience to provide great value to members. If you're curious and would like to know some of the general ​elements of our approach, they are essentially creative white-hat and safe but powerful and effective methods as well as innovations that get things done, and done well.

Read on to get a glimpse of some details to our approach and the many benefits we provide.

Instastartups - Websites with SEO Built-in - Website Owners
Instastartups - We provide websites with SEO an digital marketing combined.

Website & Infrastructure

  • Planning and Architecture
  • Authority Silo Architecture : Optimal architecture for SEO with proper layout, linking and publishing
  • Website : One website (complete, with configuration, plugins) targeting a business or profession in any city, province or state.
  • Design : Premium Theme Customization (WordPress-based, like ThriveThemes, Divi, Genesis, WPMUDev, TJ, etc.)
  • Standard Pages : About Us, Contact Us, Legal (Privacy Policy, TOS)
  • Graphics : Logo, Identity
  • Hosting : Premium and Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Maintenance and Support : Technical (hosting, backups, monitoring)
  • Maintenance and Support : WordPress - Unlimited "Small Jobs" for updates, fixes, etc.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Convert prospects into customers (sales funnel, etc.)
  • (Optional) Virtual Assistant (VA) Service
  • (Optional) eCommerce (Store / Shop / Marketplace) : Full Setup

SEO + Digital Marketing

  • SEO : On-page - Full on-page optimization on each and every site.
  • SEO : Off-page - Backlinks, linkbuilding and inbound marketing
  • SEO : PR (Kickoff anti-sandboxing, pillow links)
  • SEO : Multiple (20 to 25) Web2.0 Accounts Creation - for Main (Money) Site; Social Foundations
  • SEO : Multiple (20 to 25) Social Media Accounts Creation - for Main (Money) Site; Social Fortress
  • SEO : Domain Authority and Social Stacking / Pillow and Tiered Links - To build trust and relevance
  • SEO : Social Media Marketing - Social Signals (drip-fed) / Shares (real)
  • SEO : Citations (National and Local)
  • SEO : Outreach Campaign
  • Keyword and Topical Research Based on True Buyer Intent
  • Content Development : 10x High-quality, unique articles; SEO friendly
  • Content : Marketing and Promotion