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Instastartups is All About Freeing You to Focus on What Matters Most: Your Business

cropped-instastartups-symbol-512x512.pngInstastartups aims to take the dozens of crucial activities involved in setting up and making a website successful, and bundle it into one simple package, done by experts, that members can easily subscribe to in a single, easy step.

Web design has now been effectively commoditized. You can get a decent to great design for your website by buying themes or subscribing to managed hosting (SaaS) services.

SEO and digital marketing on the other hand– perhaps because of the constant changes in the industry and algorithms– remains fragmented in a way that keeps much of its trends and inner working arcane to most people, enabling high prices and many shady characters and supposed providers that give it a bad name by way of a lack of experience, expertise or dubious tools and methods (like obsolete rules and PBNs of questionable footprint control).

Instastartups does not intend to upend or undermine SEO per se– far from it. After all, it is core to what we do. However, more than commoditizing it, we aim to democratize it, freeing it from the artificial and fragmented nature of its value to customers, and instead bringing it to its most effective, efficient and productive form at a fair and simple pricing structure for customers.

Instastartups aims to bring you this value. Instead of paying thousands upon thousands for a bespoke array of services, we set a standard rate for a fixed, effective and maximized results-oriented set of services that are part of a simple membership subscription.

While we use sophisticated tools and experts with deep and intimate knowledge of the industry while keeping abreast of the latest trends while future-proofing our members’ properties (so you never fear any Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird or other update), we never lose track of our main objective: Take the work out of our members’ hands by doing all the professional and hard work ourselves, and ultimately bringing traffic to their sites through digital marketing.

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